Connor Franta announces 'A Work In Progress'

10 March 2015     Post by: Alex      Follow @clickplay >

Connor Franta has announced in a YouTube video that he has written a book. 'A Work in Progress' will be released on 21st April 2015 and is available for pre-order right now. If you are also interested in literary activities and like read or even write your own story, prime essay can help you with the main points of the plot and editing.

            Source: YouTube

According to the pre-order website, the book is a memoir which starts by offering a look at his upbringing and early life. He then talks about "struggles with identity, body image, and sexuality" before discussing "pursing his creative and artistic passions" in the form of his successful YouTube channel which has more than 4 million subscribers.

"I'm hoping that this is going to be more than a book about me, but a book which helps you find you" Connor said in his YouTube video this Monday. "If you're having a tough day... you can pick up my book and hopefully get something out of it".

The book will feature photography of both Connor in his childhood years, and also some photos he has "taken along [his] life journey". Connor also told us to expect "lots of embarrassing newspaper clippings and childhood drawings" to be included.

After Monday's pre-order release the book has already reached number 1 on the Barnes and Noble bestseller list and the hashtag #ConnorFrantaBook trended worldwide on twitter.

And as if this wasn't enough, Connor will be touring the US to do signings in 6 different cities. Details of this are available on the website.

You can head to right now and pre-order the book and check tour dates. The book itself will hit stores on 21st April 2015. Here is the announcement video in case you missed it: