JacksGap reaches 4 millions Subscribers

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JacksGap has recently hit 4 million subscribers on YouTube! The project was originally created by Jack in order to document his gap year and has since rapidly grown and developed.

Source: YouTube

Jack and his twin brother Finn have been working on their YouTube channel for the past 3 years, producing many different videos for their viewers. It all started back in summer 2011 with Jack talking to a camera in his bedroom.

"It's crazy to think that 4 million people have subscribed to our channel over the last 3 years" said the team on their Instagram. "Thank you to each and every person who has supported us".

The channel has now progressed from the traditional vlog style formats and has become focused on travel and telling stories.

They have pioneered several series including; The Rickshaw Run, Following Heart and Shed Sessions - all of which we highly recommend you check out on their channel. As well as all of this, they created a massive collaboration project in association with Skype where people from all across the world joined together to tell the stories of love and fear.

Their work now extends beyond YouTube and in 2013 they launched their website jacksgap.com. As well as being a space for more detailed writing about their experiences, it also became an entire community where viewers could all communicate with each other.

Check out the JacksGap website here: www.jacksgap.com

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